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If you are a beginner to intermediate guitar player, I envy you. Quite literally, there has never been a better time to learn how to play the guitar. The ease with which you can locate and obtain any song that’s ever interested you is simply amazing. Add to that the huge amount of high-quality instructional material, and you have an environment where you can pretty easily learn any type of guitar style that you want. The only limiting factor is … you. If you have the discipline to practice 45 minutes a day, 4 times a week, the sky’s the limit.

Click Here for a Great Set of DVD Guitar Lessons

One of the great ways to learn how to play the guitar using modern technology is through DVD guitar lessons. Way back in the early eighties, a handful of distributors were dabbling in VHS-based guitar lessons. At the time, those were a welcomed advancement; but they had problems. The availability of quality instruction was limited. Production was poor. Sound quality was usually bad. Supporting materials were minimal. And the cost of the videos was proportionally high. To say the least, those guitar lessons left much to be desired.

The nineties ushered a whole new era in video-based guitar lessons. Experience yielded improved production quality. The limitations of VHS were still present, but more and more videos were being produced. Some exceptional guitarists and guitar instructors were creating some really high-quality instruction – examples include Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen and, a little later, Shawn Lane. Furthermore, people continued to create video guitar lessons demonstrating the styles of popular guitarists of the day such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads. Price was still a bit of a limiting factor because of the economics of the technology. But all in all, the situation was a considerable step forward over the eighties.

By the mid to late nineties, the DVD format had exploded onto the scene and with it had come yet another step forward in the evolution of video-based guitar lessons. The ability to skip around without having to wait for tapes to physically rewind or fast-forward was a much-appreciated advancement. Initially, the limited number of consumers who actually had DVD players was a bit of a problem. But within a matter of a few years that problem just went away. Distributors began to repackage existing VHS-based products into DVD products and new releases became available for both VHS and DVD.

Fast forward to today, so many DVDs are manufactured that the cost of production is exceptionally low. Adjusting for inflation, the cost of high-quality instructional DVD’s has never been lower. Additionally, there are just a massive number of highly-qualified guitar instructors that either have made videos or are making videos. Whatever your interest, no matter how subtle, you can likely find some DVD guitar lessons that addresses it. Furthermore, there are a lot of actual performers who are creating their own DVD guitar lessons in which they specifically discuss the details of their technique and various songs from their recordings. Too cool.

Even more importantly, there’s often an impressive amount of supporting material that accompanies the DVD. Sometimes this comes in the form of tablature that’s included along with the DVD, often in the form of a PDF file – this makes following along considerably easier. Sometimes, as is the case with Steve Krenz’s Learn & Master Guitar, the supplemental material is extensive – the course includes: a 100-page book, “Jam-Along” CDs and an entire online community where hundreds, if not thousands, of students can get together and share their experiences and collectively benefit from each other while working through the material. How far we’ve come.

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Click Here for a Great Set of DVD Guitar Lessons