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Rating: 5 Stars

Summary: To summarize this Jam Play review, is a first-rate, subscription-based online guitar community. Highly Recommended.

Format: Jam Play is a members-only online guitar community whose instruction centers around the delivery of video-based guitar lessons. With 21 instructors, 14,000 minutes of existing lessons, and new lessons being added every week, the community has a wealth of guitar instruction. In addition to straight video lessons, Jam Play offers much in the way of supplemental information, progress tracking, social networking, great guitar resources (e.g. scale, chord, and jam-along applications) and message boards.

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Additionally, Jam Play is doing very innovative stuff in order to bring students and teachers together. For example, the teachers regularly hold live-video JamChat sessions that allow students to communicate directly with the instructors, and most importantly, ask questions.

Instructors: The 21 professional instructors at Jam Play cover an impressive range of guitar styles. You can learn more about the various instructors here (for some reason, many of the "Playing Experience" numbers say "8 years," even though that's clearly wrong - look at an intstructor's full biography if you want the real details).

Membership: Jam Play is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Strengths: Everything about Jam Play feels high-quality - video production, website design, teachers, lessons, tools, transcriptions, etc. After 20 minutes of looking around, I'm sure you'll conclude as I have - it's all first rate.

Another characteristic that sets Jam Play apart is their ability and willingness to teach actual songs. In my opinion, this is a primary advantage of Jam Play. Let's face it, most people who want to learn how to play guitar want to be able to play recognizable songs. The number, organization and quality of the songs taught is all impressive. Sign up for Jam Play, review them for yourself.

The quality of instruction, in terms of songs, is also excellent. I personally own several copies of note-for-note transcriptions for AC/DC's "Back in Black". The parts of the song that I've reviewed on Jam Play are exactly right. I was also quick to check out the Black Crow's "She Talks to Angels" lesson since again I own the transcription and I know that the song is in a non-standard tuning. Again, the instructor was exactly right.

Could Be Better: As with all computer-based instruction, Jam Play effectively requires the user to practice the guitar near a computer. For many - including me - this is not a problem at all.

Target Audience: Jam Play is appropriate for all guitarists - complete beginners through truly advanced guitarists. Furthermore, all guitar styles are represented: pop, alternative, hard rock, jazz, country, metal, etc. Heck, they even have somebody who specializes in "Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar" (are you kidding me?!).

Guarantee: Jam Play offers a 100% money-back guarantee. You can sign up, try it out, and if you're not completely satisfied, you get your money back. The one restriction is that the guarantee is only in effect for the first seven days of your membership. However, seven days is more than enough time to get Jam Play, review the material and decide if it is right for you.

Conclusion: As I wrap up this Jam Play review, I would like to say that is one of the web's best subscription-based instructional sites for learning how to play the guitar. I strongly recommend you give it a try. With its money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose.

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