Learn and Master Guitar Review

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Summary: Learn and Master Guitar is an excellent instructional course with an established track record. Highly Recommended.

Format: Learn & Master Guitar is a traditional instructional program consisting of a set of DVDs (10 or 20), CDs (5), and a 100+ page lesson book. When the course was first introduced, it contained 10 DVDs. In 2008, Legacy added an expanded version of the course which includes an additional 10 DVDs (for a total of 20). Both versions of the course remain available. The expanded version is well worth the additional cost.

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The 5 CDs are referred to Jam-Along CDs. These type of CDs are a commonly used teaching tool sometimes referred to as "jam tracks" or "backing tracks". The importance of this type of tool cannot be overstated - it is essential for teaching the student how to apply the various techniques in a musical environment. The Jam-Along CDs that accompany Learn & Master Guitar are top-notch quality. They are actual recordings of Steve Krenz accompanied by an impressive collection of professional musicians. You can find out more information and listen to samples here.

The final component of this course is an online community that's available to all who purchase Learn and Master Guitar. The site is useful and well organized. Steve Krenz - the instructor - is a regular contributor. Of course, with membership mostly comprised of those who have purchased the course, the size of the community is less substantial than sites that are first and foremost members-only communities such as Guitar Tricks and Jam Play. Nonetheless, the community is valuable resource for students of the course to ask questions and discuss various subjects during their shared journey to improved musicianship.

Instructor: Steve Krenz is a professional musician who has a degree in music and a vast amount of experience teaching guitar. For additional details regarding Steve, please see his bio.

Acoustic Guitar Player's Choice Award - 2008Recognition: Learn and Master Guitar has racked up some impressive awards including Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Players' Choice Award (2008).

Strengths: Honestly, all aspects of this course are strong. Steve has excellent qualifications and he's truly in his element teaching guitar. The production is superior. The treatment is comprehensive with good coverage of rhythm and lead techniques, music theory, ear training, chords, scales, etc. The Jam-Along CDs are great.

Could Be Better: Since Learn and Master Guitar is a comprehensive course, its cost is more than some other alternatives, at least in the short term. UPDATE: Legacy has reduced the price of this course and it's now a good value.

Recommended For: Complete beginners through advanced-intermediate guitarists. L&M Guitar's website specifically discusses how the course helps intermediate players. Truly advanced guitarists would likely find certain aspects of the course valuable - especially given its comprehensive coverage of the different styles of guitar. However, such guitarists would probably be better off with Jam Play or Guitar Tricks.

This course is appropriate for nearly all styles of guitar: rock, pop, country, jazz, alternative, etc. The only exception I would say is metal. If your interest is strictly metal, I'd suggest online guitar lessons using Jam Play.

Guarantee: Legacy knows they have a quality product that delivers on its promises. Therefore, they back it up with a 60-Day, "No-Questions-Asked" Guarantee. Of course, Learn and Master Guitar is an actual, physical product and therefore it will have to be returned in the event that you are not satisfied, which means you would have to pay shipping. But honestly, very few guitarists are dissatisfied.

By The Way: Legacy also has courses for Drums and Piano. I haven't seen these courses, but considering the commitment to quality demonstrated by Learn and Master Guitar, I'm confident they're high quality.

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