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Click Here for a Great Learn Guitar DVD CourseIn some ways, a learn guitar DVD is even better than other teaching alternatives, including private lessons. Firstly, the amount of instruction you get per dollar spent is often very good. Current prices for a private guitar instructor are typically around $50 an hour. In comparison, you’ll pay probably about $5-$10 per hour of DVD instruction. And often the talent of the instructor on an internationally distributed DVD is superior to that of your local guitar teacher. Also, once you buy the learn guitar DVD, you can refer back to it as often as necessary. If you take lessons for six months and then a year later you want to review what the instructor taught you, you’re pretty much out of luck. If, on the other hand, you have the DVD, you just pop it in the DVD player and watch the lesson again.

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A valuable feature of some DVD players that I’ve found especially valuable for using with a learn guitar DVD is the “repeat A-B” function. Repeat A-B allows you to select of segment of the DVD and continuously loop over it. When an instructor is demonstrating a lick, especially in a context where I’m supposed to play along, I’ll Repeat A-B over the lick and play it several times until I’m comfortable with it, sometimes pausing as necessary. Not all DVD players have this function, but if yours does you will likely find it valuable.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages to a learn guitar DVD. First and foremost, there is no opportunity for interaction. The instructor won’t tell you how you’re doing and if something isn’t clear, you won’t be able to get clarification. These problems can be mitigated by making sure that the DVD(s) you’re getting are from an experienced guitar instructor. Also, accompanying supplemental materials often go a long way toward making lessons clear. For example, if you ordered Learn & Master Guitar and you were confused about a particular lesson, you could post a question in the online forum and likely have an answer in a day or so, possibly by Steve Krenz himself.

Finally, the question of whether learn guitar DVDs are better than private lessons or any other instructional alternative may really be moot. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. Personally, I would encourage you to seek out a wide range of various guitar instructional alternatives. Try many and discover what you like, what works for you. Ask yourself this. In ten years time, are you likely to regret that you bought some learn guitar DVD, or are you likely to wish you would have bought more, and used them? For me, I don’t regret any of the DVDs that I bought; but I do wish I would have bought more, and earlier...

Click Here for an Excellent Learn Guitar DVD Course