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  • How to play better guitar. Expert advice on technique, music theory, ear training, online guitar lessons, DVD guitar courses, purchasing guitars, gear, etc.
  • Reviews of the best guitar lessons and courses available on the internet. Expert advice regarding which instructional products are worthy of your attention.
  • A comprehensive Learn and Master Guitar review covering all aspects of the popular course by Steve Krenz. Included in the course are: 20 DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs, a 100-page book, and an online support community. Find out if it's right for you.
  • A review of the Steve Krenz's instructional DVD course: Learn and Master Blues Guitar. The individual components as well as strengths and weakenesses are all spelled out.
  • A comprehensive Jam Play review covering all aspects of the online guitar-lessons website.
  • A comprehensive Guitar Tricks Review that covers all aspects of subscription based instructional website dedicated to helping people improve their guitar playing.
  • A review of the software program Transcribe! which allows users to slow down and analyze music for the purpose of transcribing. The program is described in detail and all aspects of the functionality are evaluated.
  • The story of how I purchased my guitar and why I recommend American Musical Supply.
  • Application shows users how scales, chords and modes map onto a guitar fretboard. Intervals are represented in different colors so the relationship of the different notes is clearly evident.
  • Deltailed advice and recommendations on buying an electric guitar pack. Learn what to look for and what to avoid.
  • Advice about the importance of having and using an electric guitar tuner. Recommendations on the best tuner to buy.
  • Why DVD guitar lessons are valuable and what you can do to get the most out of DVD guitar lessons.
  • Advice on how to learn blues guitar. An explanation of Blues chord progressions and the 12-bar Blues chord progression in particular.
  • Why a learn guitar DVD can be a valuable instructional alternative. Examples of a great learn guitar DVD product.
  • A discussion of playing guitar by ear and the importance of ear training. An endorsement of the Ear Master 5 ear-training software.
  • Why the guitar Major scale and musical Keys are important subjects to guitarists and musicians, including examples that illustrate the importance.
  • The benefits of understanding guitar music theory and advice about how to apply guitar music theory to your gutiar playing.
  • Detailed explanation and advice regarding why online guitar lessons are good and how to find high-quality lessons.
  • A review of the Pentatonic Minor scale and its use in modern guitar music.
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